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September 28, 2007



Thena, here is a link to my gallery.

Chris Pozzi

thena here is my gallery.....


I have a full book of me that could be submitted and I have a very nice layout about my 92 year old grandma. (username is Trace)

Gina Hanson

Good Luck with your book Thena! Feel to browse my gallery . . .


Good luck with your book Thena. Feel free to look through my gallery. :)


Thena: Good luck with your book. Here is a link to my 2Peas gallery

Mary Rose

Hi Thena,

I meant to post this weeks ago! If you're still checking, here is the link to my gallery:

Thank you!

detta owens

Here is a layout of myself for my 47th birthday. It is posted on the CKMB, so you can look at the rest of my gallery, too. I am a grandma who scraps my grandson often but I also do lots of myself, my husband, and about just "stuff." This sounds like a great idea.

Sue Jones

I keep meaning to post in here but keep forgetting. Dang life - it gets in the way of my scrapping.
I have two main galleries

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